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Live Performances


12:20pm – 1:00pm           Showzone
2:50pm – 3:30pm             Showzone

There’s trouble in the bee hive: a tyrannical Queen, exhausted workers, no royal jelly! Enter a human environmentalist aged 11 who wants to save the world. ‘Royal Jelly’ is a funny, beautiful, thoughtprovoking show about bees and the environment.


10.30am – 11:40am        Showzone  

The Jetset Dance Troupe are 8 dancers from the Shelley E. Coutts Dance Academy that will welcome you to the festival and prepare you for your journey around the world! They were also nominated for, and travelled to compete in the National Young Performer of the Year Awards in October 2017.


12:00pm – 12:30pm         Piazza
2:15pm – 2:45pm         Piazza

Let us take you to Africa! Come on a journey with Kadodo Drum n’ Dance Group and have a go at playing djembe. This is your time to drum, dance, sing and be free! Play and learn West African drumming in our fun filled workshop that will leave a smile upon your face. No experience needed...So what are you waiting for, let us hear your drum talk!


10:30am - 10:45am          Piazza
12:45pm - 1:15pm            Piazza

James Hargest Senior Campus Kapa Haka - “Te Kapa o Hēmi Hākena” is a group that has been in existence since the early 1980s. In recent years, service to the community and a continued love of Kapa Haka have helped develop the young people you will see in this year’s ILT Kidzone daily performances.


New activities for 2018

[NEW] Sumo Wrestling - Gym 2

Sumo is a Japanese style of wrestling and Japan's national sport. The wrestler who first exits the ring or touches the ground (with any part of their body besides the soles of their feet) loses. Pop on your padded suit and wrestle your mates for the championship title!

[NEW] Flax Weaving – Whānau Room

Māori arts and crafts play a significant role in Māori culture, recording korero (stories), history and knowledge to pass down to the next generation. Try your hand at weaving some little fish, flax mats and spinners to take home with you.

[NEW] Jamaican Rhythm & Dance – AV Room

Move your body and learn to dance, Jamaican style!

[NEW] Invas Corps Multiplayer Gaming Club – P6

Gore Corps launches in Invercargill to get you thinking creatively in their virtual gaming world. Help build Invercargill’s new gaming community as you immerse yourself in their multi-player video games in a sociable, community-oriented environment. Fast and furious racing action with Track Mania Nations Forever!

[NEW] Southland Football – Gym 1

Like to play football? Head over to Gym 1 and have a kick with the team from Southland Football.

Regular favourites

Accessory Annex

With three different accessories for you to choose from, you can let your imagination run wild. All you need to do is create them.


Strap in and hold on while you spin upside down and round and round. The Astroball will put you in a spin! How long can you spin for?

Big Games

Do you like board games? Have a go at our giant-sized games. Our Connect 4 may even be taller than you are!

Bikes 4 Fun

We have lots of crazy bikes for you to ride. Challenge your balance on some of the strangest bikes you will ever see.

Bouncy Castle

Right in the middle of Tiny Town, the Bouncy Castle is a favourite. Look out as you come speeding down the giant slide.

Bubble Mania

Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles. Check out our bubble machine or have a go at blowing your own.


Calling all potential architects! We have towers that need built, the higher the better. Can you make the tallest tower in Buildzone?

Bungy Tramp

Can you jump higher than your friends? Get harnessed in on the bungy tramp and see how many flips you can do.

Chalk Art

Help us to decorate the path at ILT Kidzone. There is even enough room for a game of Hopscotch or Noughts and Crosses.

Clay Play

We have got lots of clay and lots of Playdoh for you to get your hands dirty with. Bring out your inner sculptor and have a go on our pottery wheel. It is not as easy as it looks!


These bright and colourful discs are waiting for you to connect them and build something spectacular!

Culture Club

Delight in some cultural treats. The lolly lei is always a favourite. Come in and make your own and see what other multicultural creations are on offer.

Tiny Town

The fire alarm is sounding and calling all our little fire fighters to Tiny Town to save the day or maybe you would rather relax in our pint-sized café. Whatever the little ones want to do, Tiny Town is a magical place for role play and make believe.

Domino Domain

Do you have a steady hand? Then come and attempt to make ILT Kidzone’s longest domino track. Be careful not to knock it down until you’re finished.

Drying Room

A special place to leave all your creative pieces to dry until it is time to go. We take good care of all your precious creations. Just remember to collect them before you leave.

Enviro Room

The team from the Invercargill Environment Centre know lots of exciting things about nature and our environment and has specially designed activities and crafts to share with you.

Fantastic Fairies

Did you know that fairies are very good at face painting? Join our fairies in their magical grotto, and let them transform you.

Fire Engine

Have you seen a fire engine up close? Ever wanted to have a go with the hose? Now you can.

Gizmos and Gadgets

Here you can make strange looking creatures and bring them to life! We have cogs, wires and googly eyes. Create your monster and add a remote control to see what they can do.

H & J’s Funky Do’s

Fancy yourself with a mohawk? Would you like to scare your mum with pink hair? Then head into H & J Smith’s Funky Do’s Room and let our team give you an ILT Kidzone makeover.

In to the Wild

Nature, but not as you know it! Located in P1

Incredible Edibles

Are you a whizz in the kitchen? Fancy yourself as the next MasterChef? Transport yourself to Mexico and Japan to create some tasty snacks.

Juggle Club

Come and make a set of your own juggling balls to take home. If you time it right some of our experts will be popping in through out the day to give you some tips.

Lego Users Group Experience

This year our friends from LUG South will help you build the world in LEGO! Put yourself on the map by constructing your home or your favourite landmark from around the world.

Little Village

A chance to show off your artistic flair. Our Wendy Houses are ready and waiting for you to add your mark and decorate it just how you want. There will be a new one each day.

Macaulay Mazda Green Machines

They have been at ILT Kidzone since the very beginning and they are an all-time favourite. Skid, slide and drift your way around on the Green Machines. We think you will like how fast they can go!

Machine Knitting

The Southland Machine Knitters Society is here to show you just what they do and how quickly you can make a scarf! Keep cosy with your very own machine-knitted scarf.

MakerVengers MakerSpace

Be sure to check out this pop-up coding and robotics MakerSpace, where kids of all ages can create and innovate. Located in the library.

Marble Mayhem

Create your own marble track in Marble Mayhem. If you can imagine it, you can build it. How far can you make your marble roll?

Mega Bloks Mecca

We have enough Mega Bloks for you to build a whole house for your entire family. Start planning now what you might create!

Merry Misfits

With three cool creations to make in this room, you are spoilt for choice. Make sure you check it out and bring your creative streak!


Great for the little ones. Choose your animal and take a ride on the magical Merry-Go-Round.

Mini Jeeps

Who is the best driver in your family? Our two-person jeeps are located in the Macaulay Mazda Wheel Zone and are waiting for you to take them for a spin.

Mitre 10 Mega Wood Craft

Watch your fingers as you hammer away in this room! Two different wooden toys are available for you to make. The Woodworkers’ Guild is on site to help with all the tricky bits.


Mural boards are on display for all to see. Add your own mark and show off your artistic flair.

NZ Fire Service

Do you want to grow up to be a fire fighter? The Invercargill Fire Service crew is here to show you what happens in a fire and help you make a plan to get out.

Out of this World

Challenge your senses and enter a world of 3D and outer space. Located in P6

Paint Box

This is the most colourful room at the festival. We have easels and spin art for you to create your masterpiece.

Petite Playground

Found in Tiny Town, the Petite Playground is a safe and fun place for the little ones to challenge themselves by climbing, swinging and sliding.

Porse & Relax

A quiet room where you can re connect with your babies and young children away from the high stimulation. Feeding facilities are available for all ages and toys are available for toddlers to keep them amused while you feed your baby.

Puddle Jumpers

Ready, get set, go! Our paddle boats are easy to control and great fun for all ages. Just don’t fall in!

Punk Parlour

Temporary tattoos and scary face paint. This room is so very Rock n Roll.

Radio Kidzone

Broadcasting live from ILT Kidzone, our dj’s are always on the lookout for people to interview. Step in to the caravan and tell us all about your day.

Ready, Set, Create

We have selected three of the very best craft activities for you this year. There are so many things to make and do, you can keep your creations for yourself or maybe make a present for someone special.


WasteNet is back to help show you how easy and fun recycling can be! Gather up some recyclable items at ILT Kidzone and swap them with us for an awesome prize! If you can’t find any recycling at the festival, come and give the waste sorting game a go; we may have a prize for you too.

Remote Control Central

The construction site is ready and the drivers are waiting on you to help move the pieces. Our Rokenbok set is a whole new way of building via remote control.

Road Safety Southland

The team are here to show you why you must always wear your seat belt. Take a ride on their car crash simulator.

Scouts NZ

The Scouts are back to teach you how to tie the perfect knot and share their Scout secrets to help you get out of any sticky situation! Find out what it means to be a Scout and get hands on with some of the activities they get involved with.

Send a Hug

Do you have family and friends living far away? Come and create a hug for them and pop it in the post to anywhere in New Zealand! It’s Free!

Sew There

The sewing machines are humming and we want you to have a go at whipping up your own creation. We have three sewing projects on the go, perfect for your next trip around Southland, NZ and the world! Designed to suit all levels, with resident experts on site to help.


Snag Golf is back! Come and give golf a try and have some fun whilst you master your swing.

Southland Multicultural Room

Would you like to learn how to use chopsticks and fold origami? The friendly team are here to teach you that and more.

Spooky Makeup

It’s time to freak out your family and friends. At Spooky Makeup you can get a realistic-looking wound for your forehead or hand.

Sport Southland Active Zone

The team at Sport Southland are always excited to be at ILT Kidzone. This year they have brought something new and active to the zone – make sure you check it out!

Squash Southland

Squash Southland is back with their inflatable court. Come down, meet some of the team and try your luck on the court.

Superstar Central

Get your hair done, your face painted and head on over to Superstar Central to capture your memories from ILT Kidzone. Get snap happy at the Framing Good Photobooth and place yourself in front of your favourite iconic landmarks from around the world.

Table Games

Do you have good hand/eye coordination? Then this room is for you. Start a tournament with your family and challenge them to a game of pool or maybe foosball.

Village Post Office

Everyone loves to get a letter or a picture in the mail. At the Village Post Office you can send a letter from ILT Kidzone and we will take care of the postage.

Wax Hands

In Wax Hands you can make a mould of your hand out of wax. The hard part is choosing which colour to make it.

Wax Worx

This room is always a favourite. Design your own batik bandana and create a rainbow candle for your table at home.

Wee Wheels

Our Wee Wheels are in need of some care and we want you to look after them. Come and ride our pedal cars through the car wash and fill them up with a tank of fuel. Now you are ready to go!

Young Reflections Hama Beads

Hama beads are always a favourite. If you can imagine it, you can create it with Hama beads. Create your design and Joy from Young Reflections will be there to lend a hand.


Have you ever wanted to walk on water? Jump inside our giant inflatable balls and our helpful volunteers will send you gliding across the water.