Southland Girls' High School

14 - 19 July 2021


The need to know information

Please make sure you also read the festival Terms and Conditions

What do I get at ILT Kidzone for my $18?

The ILT Kidzone Festival will provide a fun-filled, action packed day! All activities, materials and entertainment are included in the ticket price. The only thing on site to purchase is food.

Where is ILT Kidzone held?

Southland Girls' High School, 328 Tweed Street, Invercargill.

Can I buy my ILT Kidzone ticket at the door?

If there are any left! Tickets are usually sold out before the day so we advise getting your tickets as early as possible online or from ILT Stadium Southland. Online ticket sales close 12am Sunday 11th July 2021, however, you can still purchase tickets at ILT Stadium Southland for each day of the festival no later than 12pm the day before, subject to availability.

I purchased tickets online, where do I collect them from?

Collect your tickets on the day you are attending the festival from the Ticket Collection & Sales Hall, 328 Tweed Street, near the festival gate.

What is there to buy at ILT Kidzone?

Take your tastebuds on an adventure, this year’s ILT Kidzone food court is set to be a delicious delight! with everything from the comfort of hot chips to the most delicate of hand made cupcakes, Risk the chill of brain freeze with delicious real fruit ice cream or brave the burn of hot, spicy food. Want to prepare for the day’s adventures from home? You’re also welcome to bring a picnic basket for the day.

What do I need to bring to ILT Kidzone?

  • The programme. It will give you all the information you need to know to find your way around.
  • A helmet for some of our more action packed activities. We do have some you can borrow but they are limited.
  • An adult with a valid ticket (if you are under 14 years).
  • Your lunch or some money to purchase food from our food vendors.
  • A big bag to take all your wonderful creations home in.

Do I have to have a parent or caregiver with me?

Yes you do. Everyone under the age of 14 years must come to ILT Kidzone with an adult.

As an adult do I have to have a ticket?

Yes. Everyone that enters ILT Kidzone Festival must hold a current ticket.

Do I have to have my ticket on me at all times?

Yes. Our tickets are designed as wristbands so you can wear them all day. Please make sure you have the ticket on your wrist before you get to the door as security will ask you to stand aside until the ticket is on everybody’s wrist.

What entrance do I use?

There is only one entrance to ILT Kidzone and it is on Tweed Street at Southland Girls' High School. This is also the only exit as the school is fenced off.

What time should I arrive at ILT Kidzone?

The ILT Kidzone Festival begins at 10:30am each day. There is often a long line waiting to get inside the festival, so wrap up warm and wait patiently. The festival ends every day at 3.30pm.

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